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Our logos are trademarked by R2AD, LLC. Additionally, our logo images & site content are copyrighted material.
Below are official logos of R2AD, LLC which may be used when permission is granted by an official of R2AD.

R2AD-transparent-r2.png, size: 1662x434
Core basic logo as a transparent PNG
R2AD-transparent.gif, size: 1662x434
As a GIF, not as clean as a PNG on edges.
R2AD-large-trans-r2.png, size: , size: 1662x434, transparent
Lighter blues, with the darker red 2.
R2AD-large-trans-lighter.png, size: , size: 1662x434, transparent
With a brighter red.
R2AD-transparent-lighter.gif, size:, size: 1662x434
With a brighter red as a GIF.
R2AD-large.jpg, size: , size: 1662x434, white background
logo.jpg, size: 550x144, white background
R2AD.jpg, size: 550x144, white background
R2AD.ico, size 32x32
R2AD-transparent-lighter.jpg, size: 1662x434